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Website Conundrum

You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great. Zig Ziglar

We often use the term website in our daily conversations but are we aware of what it really means? A website is a collection of accessible, interlinked Web pages that all share a single domain name. Websites are easily created and maintained by various people. It could be an individual, a group of people, a business, or an organization that serves website services.

Altogether, all websites accessible by the public add up to make the World Wide Web.

There are several types of websites. These include educational sites, news sites, forums, social media, e-commerce sites, and more. The pages within a website are a combination of text and other media. With that said, there are no rules to making a website.[1]

In today's era, why is a website considered to be important for businesses? Living in this world of digitization, websites are the most crucial tool for a business. If your business does not have a present website, you are losing out on opportunities for your business to grow. A website can be used to accomplish different marketing strategies that will help your business grow.

The Importance of a Website

The web has a much broader reach as compared to any other means of advertisement. Your website will be the center of your company's online presence. With your website, you can advertise your business around the web over social media sites, forums, and through pay-per-click programs.

Having a website and being present online allows you to market your business over the web. A website is important because it helps in building your business rapport. Websites provide a map and directions to the physical shops or offices of your business. This way, visitors can easily find your location.

Another important factor to consider is that you represent your business to your customers with a website. This way, they are aware of why they should trust you. The testimonials present on the website will boost their trust in you and your business.

Nowadays, people are busy and smart. They do not have the time to visit stores. Therefore, they simply go online and search through the internet for products and services. They study different websites, the reviews, the different price offers, and then they make a purchase. Through the internet, they can learn about the brand, the features, the price, the size, the color, and more.

When you provide your customers with a good service or a good product, the good word about your business spreads. A website not only gives you credibility, but it also leaves a good impression of your company. It shows that you have a reliable, bigger, and successful company.

One positive thing about the internet is that the size of your company does not matter. The website is more important for a small business as compared to big business. Websites are always available and accessible all day. As a result, your customers can visit your website at any time of the day and learn about your products and services.[2]

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